Classes & Events Timetable

Weekly Qigong Class;

Wednesday evenings, 5.30pm – 6.30pm at The Space Within Wellbeing Studio, Manor Farm Business Park, Cranfield Rd, Astwood, near MK16 9JU.


Seasonal Qigong Events

All Held at The Space Within Wellbeing Studio. For more info see below and to book go to my events page.

Spring – March 9th

Summer – June 1st

Autumn – September 14th

Winter – December 14th


Mini Retreat Events

Qigong and Yin Yoga Womens Circle for Beltane, May Day. – Sunday, 14th April, at The Space Within Wellbeing Studio. 

This was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect, as we connected with each other and the energy of the season and nature. We began with a gentle Qigong practice, made flower crowns, ate nourishing food and finished with a deep Yin yoga practice.

Look out for more beautiful collaborations as well as my own witchy and Qigong workshops.

Some of the exciting events and workshops I have planned are;

  • learn how to make smokesticks
  • herbal how to – make your own teas/tinctures/infusions
  • when and what to forage
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Seasonal Qigong

All can be found on my events page, or you can book me for small groups and one to one’s.


What is Qigong?

Qigong is being “rediscovered” in the West as an incredible modality that brings health, vitality, calmness, strength and balance to the body, and the mind! To learn more about it and how it can help you read my article on it here.



In Qigong there are literally thousands of different flows and postures to learn, you will never get bored.

In teaching Qi Gong I hope to show everyone that there is no judgement in how you move your body,  to teach a person how to move their body in the “correct way”, and that way is what is correct for you and your own body.

The movements, forms and flows are designed to help a person restructure their fascia and sink their Qi through relaxation and mindful breathing in order to build energy and strength to nourish their organs. Each exercise is based around awareness of the body and breath, unifying them in order to circulate Qi through key internal pathways within the body. Nothing should be forced, stretched or “worked” to feeling uncomfortable.

No matter what you want to achieve – strength, balance, mindfulness, reducing and gaining control over anxiety, better breathing, connection to and building your energetic body, aligning with nature and the seasons, less pain, increased mobility – Qigong can help you.
Qi refers to our life force energy… the thing that flows through us, nature, the Universe.
Gong is skilful cultivation, so Qigong is the skilful cultivation of our life force energy.
If you’d like to feel this energy for yourself, do come and join me… the classes are open to all ages, levels, and abilities, and can even be done seated!

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Weekly Qigong Classes

Wednesday evenings, 5.30pm – 6.30pm at The Space Within Wellbeing Studio, Manor Farm Business Park, Cranfield Rd, Astwood, near MK16 9JU.

Monthly block bookings, £44 for 4 weeks, £55 for 5, pre paid to secure your place, or £13 drop in, priority given to those who prebook. – Each month we will focus on and bring in different elements/seasons/animals etc.

To book on these courses email me on , or Whatsapp / text me on 07890038677 (if you attend the workshop, you don’t have to sign up for the four week course, and vice versa)

Places are limited, to a first come first served basis.

Teaching Workshop

Retreat Days & Events

If you can’t make a weekly class, or want to immerse yourself a bit more, and treat yourself to a day of exploration and self-care,  come and join me on the retreat days, mini retreats and workshops.

These days will be an opportunity for you to explore other modalities such as yoga, yin yoga, gentle somatic yoga, energy work, meditation and mindfulness, herbalism, circle work, tarot cards, journaling and who knows what other exciting things! Keep an eye out on the newsletter and social media for what’s happening.


Seasonal Qigong Workshops

Join me for an invigorating day of Seasonal Qigong Workshops at The Space Within Wellbeing Studio, Manor Farm Business Park, Cranfield Rd, Astwood, near MK16 9JU

In these workshops, you will learn a series of gentle movements, breathing exercises, self-massage and meditations specifically designed to align with the current season.

Whether you are a beginner or have experience with Qigong, I will guide you through the practice, helping you to connect with nature and enhance your overall well-being. The workshops will provide a relaxed and friendly environment, allowing you to learn and practice at your own pace.

Did you know that our bodies are designed to work in harmony with the seasons? And that each season has its own energy? By aligning our energy with each season we can be in the flow, feeling more vital, and alive, calmer and in balance and more connected to ourselves and the world around us.

Using energy techniques such as breath work, mindfulness, meditation, self-massage, acupressure, and qigong, as well as looking at the different foods, and nutrition that our bodies need at each turn of the seasonal wheel, these events will give you skills and wisdom to take home to bring into a daily self-care practice that will span the whole year.

Learn about how each organ relates to the season and different emotions, and practice qigong forms and energy flows that will support your whole body, bringing vitality, strength, and a sense of peace to your deepest self. Helping you to understand your own energy patterns and how they relate to and connect with the seasonal shifts.

Spring – We begin by stepping into the vibrant up rushing Yang energy of Spring, corresponding to the wood element which relates to the liver. Time to detox the old energies of winter and revitalise our systems with fresh qi – energy. Date; 9th March 2024

Summer – balance the Yang heat of summer and bring in gentle joy to the whole system, relating to heart energy. Date; 1st June 2024

Autumn – a time of transformation, to focus on letting go of all that we no longer need, strengthening our lungs and immune system, beginning our descent into the feminine Yin time of the year. Date; 14th September 2024

Winter – sinking deeply into the most Yin time of the cycle, we learn to bring rest and stillness to the system and nourishment to the kidneys. 14th December 2024.

By participating in these Seasonal Qigong Workshops, you will not only improve your physical health but also harmonize your mind and spirit. So, come along and join me at The Space Within Wellbeing Studio for a rejuvenating and empowering experience.

My Winter Solstice joint Yin and Qigong workshop, held in collaboration with my friend Gabby of Tree Hugger Yoga was a great success. It was lovely to share our passions of movement as well as our witchy makes, Gabby had made a delicious apple cake (my old cookery school teachers recipe and the one I shared in a previous newsletter!), ginger shots and herbal teas, I had my mushroom, maca, cacao blend and some elderberry syrup for sale.

We are definitely going to be running more together . Our Beltane circle was more of a womens circle vibe, we included a crafting element –  embracing our inner goddess, connecting with the May goddess Blodeuwedd, and making flower crowns! As well as Qigong, Yin yoga flow and deep Nidra meditation.

Details and photos of the event are above.

Qigong one to ones

Qigong is an internal practice, and so although is often done in classes and groups, it is also a solo practice. As part of a bespoke healing consultation with you in my cabin, I can offer Qigong tailored to you that you can do at home as part of your healing practice, alongside herbal advice and all the other healing treatments that I offer.

Qigong is suitable for any age, any ability and any type of personality. It can be adapted to fit everybodys needs. No one is excluded.

Message me to book a private consultation.


Qigong for Women

Qigong is one of the most powerful healing tools that lies within ourselves, by just using our breath!! By bringing in a personal Qigong practice into your life you will be able to care for your own health and wellbeing and heal a myriad of common ailments that are specific to women such as menstrual, perimenopause and menopause issues, so that you experience good health and wellbeing well into advanced age.

Qigong is all about moving the blood and nourishing the organs, the Yin, and the moon, so you can see how this is intrinsically vital to us as women…the blood playing such a big part in our bodily functions, and the moon affecting us through our blood.

There were many women Qigong masters, but of course we don’t get to hear about them, in our patriarchal world, they have been written out of the history books! These powerful women were able to control their menstrual cycles, their blood pressure and the ailments that plague the Western womans body. According to ancient Chinese texts it was not uncommon for people to live to 150 – 200 years old, because they lived in harmony with the natural world, and practiced Qigong!

Now, I’m not implying that we can achieve that in this day and age, but by incorporating simple routines into your day you will reclaim your vitality and emotional equilibrium, not only increasing your energy reserves, but slowing aging, regulating those hormones and soothing tension and anxiety.

As we age, we need to change our Qigong practice. Younger women will need to move the blood – stagnant blood, and therefore Qi, is the cause of many menstrual problems.

In  our 40’s and 50’s, as we move through perimenopause, we need to focus on nourishing our Yin, clearing the heat to alleviate night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia etc.

Post menopause we need to shift the focus to nourishing the blood and the Yin to keep our bones strong and moisten the dryness.

Contact me to see how bringing in this ancient art can benefit your health and longevity.



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