Holistic Treatments

Holistic Treatments

Meditation, Mindfulness, Energy Work & Qigong

Meditation, Mindfulness, Energy Work & Qigong



Holistic End of Life Skills Practitioner – Soul Midwife

Ensuring loving compassionate care in a time of great need.

Providing a non-medical holistic companion to guide and support a dying person and their families, the role of an end of life practitioner is to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death. Soul Midwifery is about taking some of that fear away, for the person who is dying and also for the families – being with someone in their final hours so they know that they are loved and are not alone, but really empowering and educating people to know that they can do this!!. I run one to one and small group workshops sharing some of these ancient life skills to give people confidence in supporting someone at the end of their lives, and to empower people to know that they are in control of how they die. The terms Soul Midwife / Death Doula / Death Priestess refer to the fact we hold the space energetically for the person who is dying, helping them to transition as peacefully as possible.

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Holistic Healing and Guidance

A down to earth holistic approach to intuitive health and healing

At AuroraStar I provide a personal and unique service, based on a full consultation, we collaborate fully together. I will deliver a treatment based on what you need in that moment. The training I have done over the years and the experience I have means I can work with you on a session by session basis to help promote relaxation, healing, health and balance for mind, body and spirit. As I move through this wonderful journey that is Life, I am ever evolving, and am integrating the more Earth Based Magical elements into the holistic therapies I offer, using much more intuitive energy work based on the vibrational frequencies that are needing to be brought into healing therapies at this time, whether that is plant medicine, vibrational essences, sound healing, many different energy modalities as I am qualified not only in traditional Reiki but also Celtic Reiki, Dragon Reiki, Bio-energy Healing, crystal healing, breath work, mindful and meditative practices, Shamanic guidance, as well as the more traditional bodywork therapies such as massage and reflexology – all these elements are being brought into the work I do now – there truly is no “one size fits all”

Private Healthcare Insurance Claims

More and more these days complementary and holistic therapies are recognised as being vital for maintaining our health and well-being, with many companies covering the cost of your treatments. Because I am a member of the FHT, one of the largest professional bodies in the UK, if you have a private health care plan, medical insurance or healthcare cash plan, and come to me for a treatment, you should be able to claim the cost of that back. More information can be found on the FHT website, and through your insurance provider.

Cancer Care Massage Diploma

Fully accredited by the FHT this post graduate course is aimed at qualified massage therapists who want to offer holistic massage confidently to those clients who are living with a cancer diagnosis. With the statistics of 1 in 2 of us will get cancer at some point in our lives, this course will be invaluable to qualified therapists to enable them to support their clients.

Providing an integrative approach to learning; combining allopathic and complementary therapies. Described by the FHT as “an incredibly detailed course” this training will give you the confidence to treat anyone who has cancer using holistic therapies. This course is not like any other as we work with people who have been through it – learning from them. Contact me directly for a chat and see my training page for more details.

Susan Davis of Vitality Holistic Massage & Beauty Training and myself dedicate this course to all those we have loved and lost to the dance with cancer.

FHT Accredited Course

Neal’s Yard Organics Affiliation

I am excited to announce that for 2023, I have affiliated AuroraStar with Neal’s Yard Organics, combining my love of essential oils, herbal remedies, and well-being alongside organic and ethical values, all wrapped up in beautiful packaging.

You can access my personal Neal’s Yard website here to place your orders and take advantage of the special offers ordering through a consultant brings. My smart catalogue can also be found by clicking here.

I will be using the products in the cabin for facials, as well as having a few free samples for you to try.

Neals Yard Logo

Green Witch Hedgerow Herbalist and Elemental Celebrant

Having completed my studies in herbalism and as an Elemental Celebrant, I am integrating more of my witchy self into my holistic offerings. We are magical energetic beings, and in this time of mass global awakening we need more healers, teachers, spiritual beings and those who are willing to stand up and be counted as working towards the greater good and collective healing of Mother Earth and one another. I am, as always, a work in progress, but I am striving to integrate these qualities into my offerings of training, therapies and healing.

New for 2024!

The Spring Equinox of 2024 has seen me launch a new website, The Green Witchery. Fully dedicated to all things to do with my pagan, witchy spiritual path. Head on over there to see my shop, where you can buy a range of different healing herbal teas and artefacts. You can book a witchy workshop or two and learn about how to bring a more earth based practice into your life, or just how to create healing green medicine for yourself and your loved ones.

Sign up to my newsletter to receive discounts on witchy goodies and keep up to date with all the offerings.

I have a dedicated Facebook page, Green Witch Hedgerow Herbalist which has a private Women’s Magical Development group connected to it.  I hope this social media platform supports many of our community members in positive and uplifting ways, with the sharing of experiences and knowledge – and the odd funny meme or ten!

I also have a podcast, The Holistic Witch. A place to offer my ramblings and musings. I will be joined by lots of wonderful wise witchy women! I hope we can inspire and learn from each other, having a good old cackle while we do it!

I am constantly updating and adding to my list of offerings, although as I get busier it may not be as quick as I would like! Check out my blogs, or my Facebook pages, or subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date with these, or if you would like a chat call or email me. I really look forward to connecting with you.

Much Love


My Upcoming Events

I regularly host events such as meditations, rituals and workshops. To find a full list of upcoming events and book tickets, sign up to my newsletter on The Green Witchery (which will always have all the relevant links information about all my offerings included as well as special offers and discounts in the shop which are only available to subscribers) or check out my Eventbrite page, or The Green Witchery event page.

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