Frequently asked questions

Why are college courses in Indian Head Massage, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Facial Massage, Reflexology taught over months, rather than days?

In order to make college courses a viable business, they have to ensure a minimum number of students are enrolled on a course at any one time and the tutors need to deliver the courses over a longer period of time to ensure all the students understand the techniques and routines. When I trained, I was in a class of 16 students; can you imagine how long it took the tutor to check that each individual was carrying out the techniques correctly in order to carry out an effective massage?

If we take Swedish Body Massage as an example, when I was at college, I learnt how to massage an arm one week, then the front of the leg the next week and so on; it certainly made for a long drawn out course!  When a student’s trains with AuroraStar they learn the same techniques taught in colleges but over a short period of time and the beauty of  a small and often “one to one” class is that it allows your tutor to observe you closely at all times and as a student it allows you to absorb the information in a shorter period of time and ask any questions along the way. A HUGE plus is that you do not have to wait until the course is full to do your training as we will run a course to fit in with your schedule and can often teach you on a one to one basis if necessary at no extra cost so no worrying about your course being cancelled at the last minute.

College courses are very expensive and can take up to a year or even two years to complete, so with short courses you spend less money to train and can be working in a shortened period of time. We want our courses to be available to everyone and for you to have the reassurance of professional teaching and quality training material which is why all our courses are accredited and validated by AHTT,  VHMBT and the APTL, and insured by Wellbeing Insurance so you are able to obtain an accredited and validated qualification and obtain insurance cover which will allows you to work as a practitioner when you feel ready.

(All our courses do require students to sit a written multi-choice test paper with a pass of 80% and case studies are required for Swedish Body Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy Massage before the full Diploma is issued but students will take away with them a certificate of attendance on the day. All our courses are insurable through Wellbeing Insurance.  If you are planning to work in a spa or salon, you MAY need a nationally recognized qualification such as NVQ, VTCT, ITEC or City and Guilds.)

What if I do not have Anatomy and Physiology?

We would always recommend the study Anatomy and Physiology and where possible, Pathology, as these two qualifications will give students a real understanding of how the body works and how illnesses can affect the body. We work with our associates Essential Training Solutions to offer these qualifications. Click here for more information

Can I learn Hot Stones or Pregnancy Massage if I have no experience of massage?

No, students will require a Full Body Massage qualification in order to train in Hot Stones Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Lomilomi and Thai Compress Massage.

Many of your courses are one day. Can I learn what I need to know in a day?

We assess you before the course by sending out an Initial Assessment Form which we ask you to complete as it gives us an insight into your prior learning, knowledge and experience. We can then tailor the course to meet your individual learning requirements.  The practical application of a modality is very important, and we teach you to be competent and confident. Your course comes with a comprehensive manual which covers many aspects of working as a therapist as well as information on the modality. To become eco-friendlier, your training manual is sent to you via email as a PDF. We ask that students read through the manual before attending for training. The manual may be printed off, but it isn’t necessary as the training will cover much of what is included in the manual. Students may wish to bring a notepad and pen to take notes. A hard copy of the routine is supplied on the day of training. We give you the underpinning knowledge and practical experience so that you can then go away and practice confidently and safely.  With only very small classes and often one to one tuition 99% of students feel one day is fine. Our feedback says it all and of course, we offer students ongoing support and a free training day if they feel one day was not enough or we feel that case studies and a little extra tuition would help.

Does everyone “pass”?

No not everyone passes on the day. Students are required to carry out a written test paper. The pass mark is 80%. Students are also required to carry out a practical assessment at the end of the day (notes are allowed, we do not expect a student to know a routine!) If the student achieves a level that the tutor deems acceptable, the diploma will be awarded. If the tutor feels that further training is required the student will be asked to carry out case studies and return to the training venue for an additional assessment. I am a beginner without any experience or qualifications in Anatomy and Physiology or Massage. What courses should I do first? 

We would always recommend students study for an A and P qualification and we can help and guide you with this but it is not essential for certain modalities.  We offer several courses where a massage qualification and anatomy and physiology are not a requirement. Indian Head Massage, Holistic Arm and Hand Massage, Thai Style Back Massage, Thai Style Foot Massage, Holistic Facial, Thermal Auricular Therapy, Combined Facial and Aromatherapy Blending.  Because all our courses are accredited and validated you will be able to obtain insurance to practice these modalities professionally. Our course manuals include essential A & P

Will I be able to work in a spa or salon after my training?

We provide quality, insurable courses at AuroraStar Holistic Therapies & Training but it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the course they are studying will be recognized by their current employer or future/prospective employer or future training provider so they may need to look at an  NVQ, VTCT or ITEC course.

What “Level” are AuroraStar Courses?

AuroraStar courses are not “level graded” unlike national qualifications such as VTCT, ITEC, C and G etc.  but the accreditation process does mean that all our courses have been meticulously checked and verified for content and meet the high criteria standards set by AHTT, VHMBT, and the APTL.

What about working abroad?

Each county has its rules regarding qualifications, and our courses are designed for those wishing to work as self-employed therapist. Those wishing to work in Spa’s, Salons and in many cases, abroad, may need to look at college courses. Even then, some countries will not recognise UK qualifications and students may need to re-train to comply with the country’s regulations, so this is something the student must look into for themselves before making a decision as to whether an AuroraStar Holistic Therapies & Training qualification is suitable for their future needs.

Will I be able to set up my own business after my training?

For sole traders and therapist who wish to have their own Holistic Therapy Business, our courses are perfect.  Our 2 day course in Swedish Massage, and our 3 days courses in Reflexology and Aromatherapy have been written with The National Occupational Standard as approved by Skills for Health* in mind and are also accredited and validated by AHTT and VHMBT, and endorsed by the APTL.

Will I be able to get insurance?

All our courses are insurable by Wellbeing Insurance who are happy to offer insurance for all courses taught by ourselves. If a student already has insurance cover in place it is their responsibility to check that their insurers will offer cover for the modality for which they are receiving training BEFORE undertaking any AuroraStar Holistic Therapies & Training Courses.  AuroraStar Holistic Therapies & Training does not accept responsibility, nor will a refund be given, in the event of an employer, training provider or insurance company NOT accepting an AuroraStar Holistic Therapies & Training qualification. Wellbeing insurance also offer a “student discount” for our students who do not currently have insurance in place and need to do case studies – as of 2021 this is £34.60, but please check with Wellbeing.

If you already have insurance in place, please check that your chosen insurance company will insure your training course

Will I be able to join a specialist organisation or an association?

Completing our Aromatherapy or our Reflexology course does not automatically qualify you to join an association or specialist organisation.   The Aromatherapy Council and The Association of Reflexologists have strict rules and although our courses are written to a Level 3, they are not classified. We teach all our longer course on a “one to one”, and the courses follow the Skills for Life National Occupational Standard.  Many associations and organizations require their members to undertake a set number of class room study hours and a set number of case studies, after which students can apply for registration. They may also be eligible to join the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). Details can be found on the Aromatherapy council and AoR websites. If this is the route you wish to take then our Aromatherapy and Reflexology courses may not for you and we would suggest you look at your local college for a VTCT, NVQ, or ITEC course. 

How do I pay for my course?

We do ask that all courses are paid for in full prior to the day of training. This can be done by bank transfer or we can go through Sumup machine so you can pay by credit card. (There is a 4% surcharge for Sumup by creditcard)  A £50 deposit will secure your booking and full payment is required 28 days before the commencement of your course. If your course is due to commence within the 28 days full payment is required.

Do I need to bring a model with me?

No a model is provided and if there are two students attending a course you will work on each other, however, if you have a friend who’d like to act as your model on the day, they’ll be most welcome, but they need to be able to offer constructive feedback, not fall asleep! (though they probably will!)

Do I have to bring my own equipment and products?

No, everything is provided for you on the day of training. Your tutor will give you information on the best place to purchase equipment and products for your own personal use after the course.  We do ask that you bring your own lunch, but refreshments are provided.

What are CPD Points?

All our courses have been awarded CPD points (Continuing Professional Development). There are a certain amount of points required by various bodies (IFPA, FHT etc) to ensure that members are up to date with knowledge and training. For example, Aromatherapists are required every 3 years to keep their training in massage up to date and will look for CPD courses to be able to do this.