Reiki Training Explained

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing system where the Reiki healer channels the energy that is all around us, universal energy, to go where it is needed and help promote healing and balance. It is non religious, which means anyone from any walk of life or faith can study and practice Reiki. It can be used in all areas of our lives and most importantly, begins with healing the self! From there we can help to bring healing to our family, friends, pets and even our food!!! There is nothing that cannot benefit from Reiki healing.

There are many different systems of Reiki and although I was attuned in the traditional Japanese Usui Reiki to Master Teacher Level, I have developed my own style of healing; working with the energies of the elements, angelic realms and the universe. With my guides, and those of the client, I use aspects of shamanic practice and crystals to cleanse the energies of a person, heal deep soul wounds and to restore emotional balance. It is said that Reiki finds you, and that the right Reiki teacher comes along when you are ready. If you feel drawn to learn more about this, please contact me for more information, or for a Reiki healing session.

Reiki training is in 3 stages. The first level being the one where you are opened up to the energies and begin healing yourself and family etc. Many people stay at this level and that is enough. Level 2 is Practitioner level, where you will be qualified to give Reiki to paying clients, and level 3 is Reiki Master level. Please see the separate sections below for more information on each of them.

Level 1: Initiate Level. 2 Day course at £150.

You will be taught the origins and history of Reiki and your Reiki lineage. I will also go into detail about the chakras and give you the tools to ground, centre and protect yourself. I will tutor you on meditation and how to connect to Reiki energy, going into detail on the energy meridians and hand positions. This level will give you the gift of Reiki healing energy and the ability to heal yourself, your friends, family, pets and the environment. On completion of the course, you will receive your first Reiki attunements, opening up your connection to Reiki.

Level 2: Practitioner Level. 2 Day course at £150.

This level will deepen your connection to the Reiki energy, giving you the symbols to work with and the tools to enable you to set up your own Reiki Practice.

Level 3: Master Teacher Level. Duration and prices available on request.

Once you reach this level, Reiki will be a way of life for you. You will be strengthening and deepening your connection to Reiki in a very meaningful way.

A Selection of My Vitality Reiki & Meditation Training Courses

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Client Testimonial

"Sam was amazing! The treatments I’ve had have been incredible and among the best I’ve received. The therapy room is a beautiful calming environment and the warm heated bed you lay on is beyond comfy, making you feel relaxed straight away. With Sam’s expertise and knowledge the students learn so much and can further their own knowledge through Sam’s teaching. Highly Recommended. 5 stars x"

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