5 Week Meditation & Mindfulness Course

Are you fatigued, stressed or anxious? My meditation classes could help to alleviate any of these problems, and more. The aim at AuroraStar is to make meditation accessible to everyone by gently exploring the many different meditation and mindfulness techniques. My classes will help you to lead a more balanced, focused, healthy and stress free life.

With practice, meditating brings with it a sense of tranquillity and peace, no matter how much chaos surrounds you. I will take you through the different techniques and ways to meditate, helping you to find a method that works best for you. Whether you are a complete beginner, an experienced meditator or somewhere in between, this course will inspire you and give you some new techniques to add to your toolbox. I can now offer this course online, so distance is no obstacle! Prices are; £50 – for the 5 week course. online is via zoom, recordings and resources all sent by email.

Young Woman Leading Meditation Class

The Importance Of Meditation

Meditating brings with it a whole host of benefits. It has been scientifically proven to help with an array of problems, including:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression and improves mental wellbeing*
  • Increases the body’s immune response**
  • Improves concentration and short term memory, reduces the symptoms of ADHD***
  • Promotes emotional health
  • Potential to reduce age-related memory loss
  • May help fight addictions
  • Helps control pain
  • Can decrease blood pressure
  • reconnects you to your inner wisdom

* Sources: Environmental Science and Technology, 2010; Evidence based Complementary & Alternative Medicine, 2012; Journal of Affective Disorders, 2012.

**Source: Environmental Health & Preventative Medicine, 2010.

***Sources: Environment & Behaviour, 1991; Journal of Environmental Psychology, 1995; Journal of Attention Disorders, 2008.


A Day in the Woods – Mindfulness at Wassledine –  Mindfulness in the Woods 19th May, 2024.

I am really excited to be able to offer this special event at a beautiful peaceful location in private woodland where we will explore together different mindfulness and meditation techniques whilst surrounded by and immersed in nature.

There have been many studies that prove the health-promoting benefits of learning meditation and mindfulness (see above) and also of being connected outside to nature (source: National Library of Medicine 20218, and mind.org). With our Mindfulness in the Woods day we combine the two!

The day will begin with a relaxed meetup around the campfire, with a selection of refreshments and homemade cakes, followed by a gentle exploration of different techniques from breathwork, body awareness, grounding, centering and protection, Qigong flows and breathwork and moving meditations, forest bathing invitations, journaling, mindfulness exercises, focusing on external stimuli and sensory awareness, visualisation, finishing off the day by creating your own nature mandala.

This is a fully immersive experience to give you tools you can use in your everyday life to bring a sense of peace and stillness. I have been practicing meditation for many years and know how much it has benefited me in my own life, which is why I am passionate about sharing these benefits with others.

Cost £65 to include tea, coffee, soft drinks and home made cake. Please bring your own lunch.

The day will take place at Wasseldine, in the beautiful working, hazel woodland, Bottoms’ Corner. There’s a walk of about 300m from the car park to the venue. We can provide a lift for anyone who needs it. Please contact us if you are concerned about your physical ability to enjoy the day; we will do as much as we can to make it possible.

For more information and to book – click here.

Personalised Guided Visualisation Meditations, One to One Sessions, Free Meditations.

Personalised Guided Meditations

I can pre record for you, or as a gift for a friend, a guided visualisation meditation of your own choosing, whether that is for healing, sleep, relaxation, focus, breath work, etc. in a setting of your choice, for example, a woodland walk, a beach, a simple breathing exercise – contact me and we can discuss your requirements. Price; £6, emailed in mp4 format

One to One Sessions

If you feel that group sessions are not for you, for whatever reason, I can do the course or a single focused session as a one to one meditation session, with comprehensive notes and recordings emailed to you if we do it online, or if face to face we will bring in other tools that may be useful for you. cost £50 per hour.

I  have a YouTube channel  where you can access the free guided visualisations and meditations that I have on there that correspond to the festivals of the wheel of the year. I also hold these regularly as online events – to find out more message me or sign up to my newsletter to receive regular updates on these and my upcoming events.

Holistic Well-being Mentoring Sessions

1 to 1 spiritual development and well-being sessions, with the focus on what will work for you personally to bring about peace, and a sense of balance, control and empowerment over your life. Using all the skills and techniques that I have learned over the years, whether that is energy work, crystals, different therapies, breath work, visualisation and journeying techniques, sound and drum healing, to help bring about deep healing and align you with your souls purpose to lead a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

Holistic Well-being Mentoring Sessions – 1 hour – £50

Meditation & Mindfulness combined with Holistic Treatments

Did you know that mindful breathing, guided meditations and visualisations can enhance any treatment?

Combining mindfulness and meditation with massage can boost the therapeutic and stress-relief benefits of the massage, giving longer lasting effects that continue well after the massage has finished. This integration can enhance the benefits of both practices and help promote overall well-being, providing longer lasting stress and anxiety relief, as well as tools to use at home. Many holistic therapies are rooted in spiritual or metaphysical beliefs, breath work and meditation can complement these beliefs by promoting spiritual growth, self-awareness, and a deeper sense of purpose. Meditation encourages self-care and self-awareness, it can empower us to take an active role in our healing process and make healthier lifestyle choices.

I can integrate the benefits of meditation into any treatment by adding meditation or breathwork at the beginning or end of the treatment.


Qigong is a mind / body movement based practice which is over 5000 years old, and is being ‘rediscovered’ by the West as one of the most effective ways to harmonise our bodies, synchronise our nervous systems, prevent aging and create strength, energy and suppleness, as well as cultivating a calm, focused mind.

Qigong not only connects us to our own internal energy, but the energy of the Earth and the Universe, once more bringing the spiritual into balance with the physical..

Many modern inflammatory health conditions, such as fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, hormonal issues, back pain and many other diseases can be managed and brought into a state of balance and harmony with Qigong. The postures and stances make you really strong, building the fascia and the immune system. Qigong activates our inner healer, not only strengthening the body but also the mind, and is very much based around intention. Where you put your mind, the Qi will flow. The breath leads the Qi, the Qi leads the blood, the blood nourishes the organs.

Teaching Qigong

Qigong is an internal practice, and so although is often done in classes and groups, it is also a solo practice. As part of a bespoke healing consultation with you, I can offer Qigong tailored to you that you can do at home as part of your healing practice, alongside herbal advice and all the other healing treatments that I offer.

To read more about Qigong, how it can help you and also info on my classes, workshops click on my offerings page here and my blog here.

Client Testimonial

"Sam was amazing the treatments I’ve had have been incredible and among the best I’ve received. The therapy room is a beautiful calming environment the warm heated bed you lay on is beyond comfy and straight away you feel relaxed. With Sam’s expertise and knowledge the students learn so much and can further their own knowledge through Sam’s teaching. Highly Recommended 5 stars x"