This week, June 15th – 21st 2019, is National Reiki Awareness Week. Members of the UK Reiki Federation are holding events across the UK to raise awareness of Reiki and to give individuals the opportunity to try Reiki out.  Reiki was one of the first therapies I learned, many years ago now, and has been a constant enlightening, calming and guiding influence in my life. The benefits of Reiki are immeasurable! It heals on a deep, emotional, spiritual, physical and cellular level, yet is one of the most non invasive treatments you can have. It combines with most other treatments, can be used in any situation and on anyone or anything, from babies and small children, animals, the elderly, food and drink, in nature!! There are no limits to what Reiki can help with!!

At AuroraStar I not only give Reiki as a therapy, but I am lucky that I can say I teach and pass on this amazing healing technique, in fact I have 2 places left on my next Reiki 1 Initiate Level course, coming up on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th July.  To honour Reiki Awareness Week, I am keeping my course prices at the low rate of £150. for the 2 day courses (Reiki 1 and Reiki 2) for the rest of this year!!!… But take advantage of this as from 2020 prices will be going up!

So if you haven’t ever experienced Reiki, what are you waiting for!?…book in and try it, priced from £25 for a 30 minute session it’s easy to fit into a lunchtime! And if you’ve experienced Reiki as a treatment, you will know how incredible it can be when implemented into your life, so why not deepen that knowledge and learn it for yourself?

Now is the perfect time to bring Reiki into your life, to heal yourself, your friends, family, pets,… and the world! At this time on our planet we need more healers and light workers, come and join us!

Love and Reiki Blessings xxx 💜🙏🕉🧙‍♀️🌱💚

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