Crystal Infused Aura Sprays

I am now stocking these crystal infused aura sprays. Handcrafted by The Green Witch Hedgerow Herbalist, under the energies of either the new or full moon, these aura sprays are made with magical intent, infused with crystals, natural essential oils, handcrafted flower essences, and activated with Universal Reiki energy, the Seed of Life symbol, and the Love DNA repairing frequency of 528hz coupled with the Om frequency 136.10hz, the Cosmic Octave, with the intention of lifting energy, clearing space, protecting and bringing love.

Perfect for deepening your intuition, connecting with your inner wisdom and guidance. They balance chakras, clear negative energies, protect, ground and energise. Useful for dispersing energies in treatment / therapy rooms, before and after meditation etc. Use anywhere you would traditionally smudge, but even more versatile! Recommended for therapists or practitioners of any healing modality, and for anyone prone to absorbing the energies of others or their environments, they are a perfect size for travel, and make a great face spritz!

Where I Use Them

These sprays are perfect for use in my Soul Midwife work when I enter a room the energy can feel stagnant and heavy – these sprays instantly lift the energies without overpowering with scent (or smoke as with traditional smudging techniques).

I use them to clear energy from my treatment room before and after each client, and before and after meditation. They are also great to keep in my handbag to use when travelling, as not only do they lift the energy around your space, they also are protecting and help prevent feeling the negative energies that are so evident to sensitive people in busy public spaces.


At the moment I have three different aura sprays in stock, with more to come, but stocks of each one are limited, and take time to prepare, as they are only made in conjunction with the phases of the new and full moons. The selection I have at present cost £9 for a 50ml spray bottle and are as follows;

Full Blue Moon Shungite & Herkimer Diamond Aura Spray

This aura spray is crafted with pure spring water that has been infused with shungite and herkimer diamond under the May full blue moon! With the flower essence of blackthorn and essential oils of frankincense, cypress and lavender, used for protection against all negative energies, particularly 5g, EMF and radiation, and for activating your true essence – aligns the physical and spiritual self. Grounding, elemental and transformative. Excellent for connecting with earth energies and your higher self, and for anyone who works with transitions (cycles, death – connects with the Morrigan). Aligned with the base, crown and third eye chakras.


Full Moon Summer Solstice Citrine Aura Spray

This aura spray was crafted over several days to infuse the combined energies of the full June rose moon with the energy of the Summer Solstice. Pure spring water is infused with citrine crystals, wild rose flower essence and citrus essential oils. It’s energy is uplifting, energising and joyful, and encourages abundance, confidence, creativity and balances the emotions. Aligned with the solar plexus chakra.


New Moon Rose Quartz & Amethyst Aura Spray

Rose quartz and amethyst infused in pure spring water under the energy of the July new moon. With wild rose and violet flower essences and pure essential oils of rose maroc, sweet violet and rose geranium. Rose quartz has an affinity with the heart chakra to aid in opening the heart towards loving the self and others, nurturing and healing, it relieves grief and sadness, allowing us to let go of the past and move forward with love and joy. Amethyst enhances spiritual healing and growth, protects and helps to negate stress and anxiety. The new moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse gives this aura spray an extra powerful boost! Aligned with the heart and crown chakras.

New Moon Lughnasadh Citrine Aura Spray

Handcrafted over several days, under the August New Moon and the festival of Lughnasadh,( this moon just comes into the end of July making it a Black moon, the second new moon in a month! This makes it super powerful), The perfect time for manifesting and to set intentions.  It’s also influenced by strong Leo heart energy, it asks you to trust yourself, go within, know yourself, express gratitude for all the abundance in your life.  Pure spring water infused with citrine, wild rose flower essence, pure essential oils of wild orange, bergamot and frankincense, that help you to manifest your goals, are uplifting, helping to boost confidence, release self-limiting beliefs whilst manifesting your hearts-desire.  Aligned with the solar plexus and heart chakras.

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