As the new decade of 2020 beckons, this time is often slightly melancholic, and always reflective.  We stand poised, between the old and the new. There is a period of summing up… how has this year fulfilled our expectations; those hopes and dreams we had at the start… did we complete them?… and with the turn of another decade, it makes us look even farther back!… how has the last 10 years been for you?

A New Decade Beckons

The last decade for me has seen me completely change my life in every way imaginable.  10 years ago, I would never have dreamed I would be where I am now.

On a personal level, I’ve moved house, met and married my soul mate, gained a wonderful stepson and been able to be part of creating the most amazing family unit.

On the business side, I’ve let go of the career in hairdressing that I had for over 30 years, have totally changed direction and become a holistic therapist, started a whole new company and way of life for me!

The Journey Into Holistic Therapies

The journey into holistic therapies has been an amazing one, as I learn more therapies, I learn more about myself, which leads me to uncover more things I want to learn! I love all the therapies that I practice, and am excited by the new ones that I will learn in the future. I started with Reiki, something which has been the cornerstone and foundation of all the work I do, the energy of that has been a constant guide in my life, and led me to a deeper connection with and understanding of myself, the universe and my place in it! It has forged friendships, connections and bonds and brought the magical into my everyday life. My first Reiki tutor told me if I got to level 3 Master Teacher that Reiki would be an integral part of my life, and it truly is.

2017 saw me train to become a trainer! With the encouragement of someone who has now become a dear friend, back at the start of the journey was someone I started learning courses with and looked up to as an amazing teacher running her own successful training school. I had no idea then that one day I would be in a position to do the same. It was only with her belief in me and support, as well as providing the most amazingly well written and comprehensive courses that I even dared to step into the world of education and training, being able to pass on and share the knowledge of something that has made such a difference to my own life, health and well-being has been so rewarding in more ways than I can say.

In that year I also began my walk alongside of death, training to become a Soul Midwife… something I hadn’t even heard of 10 years ago, let alone would have thought I’d be so passionate about now. That journey has opened up paths and connections that have deepened my understanding of life, death, the universe and our souls’ purpose more than I can put into words, and is still evolving and opening up deeper inroads for me.

With A New Decade Comes A New Path

And so as 2020 beckons, my path takes another turn, and I begin the new decade launching my own independent training school, a daunting prospect, as I am now fully “out there”, not able to hide behind the safety of Vitality Holistics, who has guided and nurtured me this past couple of years. It’s a bit scary, but also very exciting to see where this next decade leads me, as I am now in a position to start combining all the different elements of what I’ve been learning over the last ten years and more, and share them, in a way that is authentic to me.

I will also be delving deeper into my herbalist work, planning workshops and creating ways that I can combine them more fully with the holistic therapies, the energy work, the meditation and mindfulness and the end of life work that I do. Sometimes it all seems so incredibly daunting, but I feel that it’s the path I am being called to take.

Ending The Year With A Thank You

I know I wouldn’t be here at all without the help, guidance, support and love of my friends, colleagues, clients and students. There have been some hard lessons over the last decade…Many people who I was close to have left my life, and sometimes that has been painful, and at the time, hard to accept, but I see now that it has all been part of the learning and journey, and has created space in my life for other amazing and wonderful people to enter my circle, who have enriched my life and taught me – continue to teach me, so much.

So I want to say thank you, to every single person who has walked this road with me, in the past and to all who are in my life right now, on whatever level, each and every one of you has brought something meaningful into my life, and I am truly grateful for your presence.

As we all step forward into this new decade, I hope it will be together, and united in anticipation of the good things, I wish 2020 brings you love, joy, peace, health, prosperity and new exciting adventures. May you all be blessed with knowing you are loved and appreciated, and that you are able to follow your life’s passion and find your soul path, whatever that may be for you.

Much love and gratitude,

Sam xxx


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