Do you want to invite real change into your life as we head into a new decade? Reiki brings about transformation, self-awareness and healing. Reiki is one of the most simple and valuable healing tools there is!

Reiki is many things – It is Universal Life Force Energy, healing, balance, change. When you embark on your Reiki journey you invite healing into your life, not just for yourself physically, but emotionally and for the benefit of others. Reiki brings you closer to your Higher Self, connecting you on a deeper level to your spirituality. Reiki initiates real change in your life.

List Of Reiki Training Dates

Here is a list of my Reiki Training dates in 2020. I will also be running Reiki refresher workshops, shares and meditation dates, as well as having guest Reiki Master talks, workshops & taster sessions throughout the year. Keep an eye out on here or my facebook page for details of these. Please contact me to discuss these or any other dates or events you might be interested in. xxx

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