What I am doing to move through this crisis and support my clients and students


Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions and lock down, obviously it means I am not able to offer the one to one in person bodywork and training that I normally do. These times have forced us all to the edge, as I, along with all my fellow therapists, have gone from having thriving businesses to zero income. This has pushed me to think outside the box, to get creative with what I can offer and how I can offer it! I have had to get totally out of my comfort zone to come up with inventive and practical ways in which I can help my clients and students. Adapt and overcome has been my motto of the last couple of weeks! (wow!…is that all it is?? It feels much longer! – have you noticed that time and our concept of it has changed??)

I have been working hard to learn about online meeting platforms such as Zoom, and experimenting with how I can offer healing, meditations and mentor support distantly.  It’s also been hard knowing that many people are struggling not only emotionally, but also financially, and how I can strike a balance as a healer to help people by offering FREE therapies, with being able to earn an income.  To that end I am now pleased to say that I think I have come up with a solution.  I will be offering TWICE WEEKLY FREE Lunchtime Live Meditation – 15 minutes of Calming Breath and Visualisation, via Facebook Live on my AuroraStar Facebook page, as well as FREE Reiki Shares and a Meditation group meet up.


I am offering distant healing sessions at a much reduced hourly rate, broken down into 15 minute chunks, £5 for 15 minutes, so you can book out the time in increments to suit you. These will consist of a personal healing crystal grid layout, an oracle card, personal guidance and Reiki, with rituals and advice on using herbs, crystals and oils at home, via the Zoom app.

My beginners 5 week meditation course I have put into 4 sessions that can be delivered online, for the price of £20 instead of £50.

For my students – I am offering my mentoring online via zoom at a reduced fee of £15 per hour instead of £30. I can help with guidance how to use the virtual world to keep in touch with your clients.

I am also trying to get over my awkwardness and embarrassment of seeing and hearing myself on camera and putting out videos, as my alter ego The Green Witch, on how to make tinctures, teas, infused oils and medicines with what mother nature gives us on our doorsteps and in our hedgerows to keep yourself and your family healthy.

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As a Soul Midwife, I am part of a free telephone national support network service that is being launched and is now live, by The Soul Midwives School, to help anyone who is going through the stress and trauma of losing a loved one in these especially difficult times can have free access to connect with a soul midwife who can support, listen, reassure and guide. Being a Pagan myself, I know that often we are not catered for in the mainstream religions, so I specialise in creating meaningful end of life rituals for Pagans.


I hope these offerings will be accepted with the love and intention that they are being given. Please check into my Facebook page for regular updates.


I do believe that on a planetary scale we are being asked to evolve, physically, and spiritually. To put our egos, greed and selfishness to one side and come together as one, in smaller communities, to help each other, and the planet, to get back to basics and learn what is really important…that we are all interconnected, us, the animals and Mother Earth. Lets use this time to support each other, I am still learning, and am by no means an expert, but together we can learn, and grow, and get through this!!  And maybe as we come through it, we will be better, more united and caring for the planet, the animals and each other.

Much love and blessings,

Sam xxx

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