I’ve been taking some time to put this together, and to think about what I wanted to say, what I wanted to offer. I am super aware that so many of you, like myself, are not earning anything at all right now, so investing in training, courses, or spending money on self-help / healing or development has been right off the agenda, and promoting all the ways I can offer my courses online seemed a bit insensitive. I know there are many online events that I would like to participate in, but when there is zero income coming in, then even £5 is an unnecessary spend!

However, as the reality of this situation wears on, many of us are getting alternative jobs, or have Universal Credit coming in, and I realise that there are many more people who are still in work, or have been furloughed (who even knew that was a word until two weeks ago!?) – people have much more time on their hands, are spending less money on fuel and travel costs, life is just taking on a different meaning and pace, for all of us. As an energy worker there have been some massive revelations (more on that in a bit!), and I realise the importance of the need to create flow – we cannot sit stagnant, it is not in the Universal law of things, all things change, that is the truth. I’ve heard of people looking to retrain in different careers, as the jobs they had pre-coronavirus may no longer be there. I have had to re-evaluate every single course that I teach and my emotions and feelings about teaching and offering what I do online. If someone had said to me a month ago that I would be doing Facebook lives and setting up a YouTube channel, I would have bet serious money that there would be no way that I’d be doing that! Although one of my mantras is never say never, so it looks like the Universe is calling me out on that!

Purple Sunset

The Need For Reflection

Something this time has taught us is the need for reflection, that as humans we need connection. My whole career has been built around physical connection, from my years as a hairdresser, to the holistic therapy bodywork and the end of life work that I do. Even being an energy worker and knowing that we can work distantly, my work has still been about physical presence. This whole coronavirus situation has stopped all that in its tracks, causing me to re-assess everything.

And its been a bit of a journey, one that all of you have been going through too. Something that hit me like a freight train was the fact that due to this virus, my role as a soul midwife, my ability to sit with people at the end of their lives, or guide others to be able to sit with their loved ones, has been taken away! People are not able to sit with their family as they die right now, and that is awful beyond words, and it took me some time to process and come to terms with that. But then that is where my knowledge of energy came in, and I realised what I was being shown is that as energy workers, we need to walk our talk. This has been coming up for me actually as a thing over the last 6 months or more! And finally the penny has dropped. So I, like many of my fellow therapists and energy workers, have been experimenting with working remotely, distantly. Working with online platforms such as Zoom, and Facebook live, and groups, and YouTube. At the start of this I had a little mantra “adapt and overcome”, and I am now putting that all into practice. Not that I am saying this is a final solution!… as we know, the world can change in a heartbeat, so all of this is constantly evolving.

Balanced Pebbles

This is one of the reasons behind wanting to do the twice weekly live meditations for people. Certainly not because I wanted to put myself “out there”, or make money – frankly I find the whole thing terrifying, I can’t bear hearing my own voice or seeing how I look on video! (and that’s another lesson for me – get over yourself and your ego!) People who know me must be bored of hearing me say how this is pushing me way out of my comfort zone, and hearing me whine on about “why am I doing this??” (sorry Paul! – patient and long suffering but very supportive husband!)  I am doing it to keep that connection with people, and to help people. Within that first week of people working from home, I had a conversation with someone very close to me who was finding the whole working from home thing really hard. She was missing the connection (that word again!) and interaction with her colleagues, she was scared, stressed and her anxiety levels were high –  when I spoke to her via written messenger, she said “I know you’ll just tell me to meditate”! That was when I set up my first zoom meeting, had a face to face chat with her, and realised the importance of setting the intention and creating connection. Yes!…meditation IS always going to be my first resource that I suggest people try, but she was not in the right head space or focused enough to do it alone, and coupled with the new isolation that she found herself in it was all just too much. Overwhelmed was a word that was tossed around a lot in those early days, and actually, just sitting down on your own and trying to meditate can be a really difficult and overwhelming thing to do particularly when you are feeling anxious and stressed (just the times we should be doing it).. So I felt really driven, and guided, to offer these free meditations to people, to break up their day, to connect with them and allow them to connect not only with me, and each other, but with themselves too!! I feel this is an amazing opportunity for people to connect to their inner guidance, their intuition, their own power and divinity. These strange days are filled with frightening news reports, “facts” and figures coming from all directions – no one knows who to trust anymore, and now we don’t have that physical connection with each other, our friends and family who we would look to for support, the one person you can trust is yourself, your own intuition is what will help you navigate through these dark confusing days – and bringing a meditation practice into your life is the best way of strengthening that inner connection!! So that is what I, as a teacher – healer can offer to people, for free. I felt this was and still is a really important thing to do, to be my small contribution in helping to raise the vibration and consciousness of the planet right now. I will continue to offer these for free as long as people are finding them helpful. After the Facebook lives, every Thursday at 1.15pm, they are all still on my Facebook page and on my YouTube channel to access any time.

Woman Meditating

As a Reiki healer and teacher, I work remotely often, and actually have seen how powerful this can be, sometimes even more so than if we were in the room with someone. I think sometimes people are more relaxed in their own environments, and also, when we tune in we are making a connection with our intention – the recipient  is tapping into their own intuition more, which I believe gives the energy that boost! Again, this is showing me how people learning to tap into their own power and connect with their inner being enhances that.

As a Soul Midwife – end of life practitioner, we learn that we can use our knowledge and skills to support people from a distance as they cross over, the importance of knowing how to do these rituals and share them with people who are not able to be with loved ones as they die is now part of how we are having to help people, and even more to know where to sign post them to go for help in dealing with the emotional trauma that this is bringing up for them.  On a personal level I am in extreme awe and filled with love and gratitude for those brave souls that have chosen to help lift our collective vibration and chosen to leave this realm at this time. We are forever in your debt and I pledge to honour your spirits in my rituals.

I am looking at ways that I can offer my Holistic End of Life Skills Course online, and will keep you updated when this happens.

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Online Offerings

So this brings me to what I am offering, and this is by no means set in stone, its all a work in progress, if there is something you wish to ask me or talk about that I haven’t mentioned here, please get in touch and I will see what we can work out for you.

Payment Plans

As I said previously, I understand money is tight for a lot of people, and I’m aware that training or RE-training may not be high on your priority list right now, but when this is over, there will be a lot of people who will need healing, and so while you are at home, setting aside some time to begin a new course to offer your clients, or your family, is a financial investment for the future. I am more than happy to discuss payment plans with you so please get in touch for this. If you are out of work, please contact me so we can sort something out.

Beginners Meditation Course and Personalised Guided Meditations

The guided visualisations and meditations that I am offering for free on Facebook can only do so much, they are great at relaxing, grounding and calming you in that moment, but my beginners meditation course teaches you so much more! We learn many different types of breathing techniques, mindfulness techniques, and I give you meditation scripts to take away. This is much more personalised and gives you the tools to be able to meditate effectively on your own, without the need for someone else guiding you. I normally run this course once a week over a period of 5 weeks for an investment of £50, but while we are in lockdown I will run it for just £25 for the 5 sessions, which will be held over zoom, with any resources sent to you via email.   *** PLEASE NOTE – REVISED COST OF THIS AS OF 1ST JUNE 2020 IS £40 FOR THE 5 WEEK ONLINE COURSE***

I am also offering personalised guided visualisation meditations. You tell me the scenario you would like me to talk you through, for example, a woodland walk for relaxation, a mountain climb for focus etc, with or without background sounds, and I will send you a recording. For an investment of £8.

Girl Meditating

Distant Healing – Reiki – Self Massage Tutorials

As part of my online 1 to 1 healing sessions I can, talk through essential oils that you can buy that are tailored to your requirements, as well as give you a tutorial on self massage, either feet and legs, hand and arms, face and scalp… or all of them! This can be included as part of a meditation, and reiki healing session, where I set up a personalised crystal healing grid, draw on guided oracle cards, and send reiki healing to you or as a stand alone appointment. This could be done either by Zoom or Whatsapp or just by arranging a mutual time and connecting in with each other. I am also experimenting with the option of doing this one to one through a private Facebook group so that I can use sound, singing bowls, tuning forks, and shamanic drumming, as sound travels better this way. These sessions are being offered at a price of £20 for 30 mins (30 mins being the average). I am going to offer these sessions on a sliding scale. If you are not working, then I will give a session free, or for a donation if you can afford it. If you are earning 80% of your wages then I ask for 80% of the cost, and if you are still earning a full time wage then full payment please. Obviously this is all based on trust.

Holding Crystals

Mentoring Sessions

I am still able to offer all the mentoring that I can do via Zoom,  fee of £30 per hour. We can go through anything that you feel is useful from refreshing your therapy skills (if you are already qualified in the modality) to showing you how to use zoom and other online social media platforms. I’m certainly no expert at the online stuff, but have had a lot of practice at it now!

Holistic Therapy Training

Most of the holistic therapies I offer require hands on practical face to face training, but if there are any of my courses that you are interested in and would like to put a deposit down or start a payment plan for, I am happy to send out the manuals and go through the theory side of the training with you via Zoom. I can however teach Aromatherapy Blending as a stand alone online course, without the practical hand and foot massage element, which will give you an accredited validated qualification. You will learn about the properties of, and how to mix and blend, 20 of the most popular essential oils, to enhance your own and your family’s health, wellbeing and your environment. You will be given a full course manual with detailed charts and explanations, as well as learning how to make your own room spray, oil blend, lotion blend, and aroma inhaler stick. Usual price of the course is £190 but I am offering this as an online course for £130, with the option to add the practical half day hand and foot massage training on at a later date if you wish to, when we are able to do so in person for a price of £60. This course is open to anyone and anatomy and physiology is not a requirement.

Essential Oils

Reiki Training – Levels 1 – Initiate, 2 – Practitioner, and 3 – Master Teacher

In Reiki, we learn healing and reiki is all about intention and connection, and so, although I have always taught my reiki courses face to face, these times are challenging us to think outside our usual remits of what we have usually done, to be flexible and open to all possibilities. I truly believe that what is happening to the world and to humanity is that we are raising our vibration and moving into the 5th dimension from the 3rd dimension. We know that reiki knows no past present or future and that time is nonlinear. I know that distant healing and using energy remotely is very powerful, and so I am offering my reiki courses online and in two parts. Part one will be as an online Zoom video link. I like to keep all my classes small, and this will not change with online teaching, so there will be a maximum of 4 students. As long as you have a stable internet connection I will be able to deliver the course content this way, we will all be able to connect, and you will receive your attunements individually remotely in personal  1 to 1 sessions. This will be a full day training, minimum of 6 hours, plus a break for lunch. Part 2 will take place once the coronavirus is over, and we can all meet face to face. It will be held in my beautiful cabin in Bedford, for the concluding attunements so we can meet and practice together in person. This second part will be another full day.

I have several Reiki courses already booked for this year – hopefully we will be out of lockdown before then and they will go ahead as scheduled, but in the event we are not or if you would like to do your Reiki training sooner, then please contact me. More information on the remaining courses booked for this year can be found on the links below:


Much Love and Green Blessings

I am offering my Green Witch Hedgerow Herbalist tips and videos all on YouTube, following the seasons and highlighting what is abundant in the moment, showing you recipes and herbal knowledge on how to use what Mother Nature has gifted us to help you and your family stay well. Once lockdown is ended I will be running face to face small hands on group workshops returning to these for more in-depth practical fun!

If you’re still reading this, then thank you for sticking with it! I am trusting to the Universe that all this that is happening to us right now is unfolding ultimately for our highest good and the benefit of the planet and humankind. We are energetic beings vibrating and resonating at different frequencies – not all of you will feel right with this, but If any of this resonates with you and you feel you wish to develop your holistic skills, or learn something for your own personal development, then please get in touch and lets have a chat.

Much love and green blessings, stay connected,

Sam xxx

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