Samhain – 2021

The wheel has turned and Mabon suddenly seems so far behind us. As I write this we are barely into October, yet the wind is howling, the rain is lashing down – it’s a perfect day for staying in and cosying up! Baking, and admin are on the list of tasks today!

So many of us love this time of year, with is beautiful colours, and cosy feeling, it began at the Autumn Equinox, and is known as “the season of the witch”.

Cosy Autumn Theme

Samhain (pronounced Sow-een) is the third and final of the three Pagan harvest festivals, and one of the most important festivals in the witchy calendar. Set on 31st October, this is the harvest of nuts, berries, and meat! Traditionally our farming Ancestors would slaughter the livestock now to preserve over the Winter, as this would save them having to feed them precious grain and food supplies needed to sustain them over the harsh Winter months. Many of us feel a natural pull to start foraging and preserving – creating jams, infused liqueurs and healthy syrups.

Traditionally, we say the “veil is thin” at this time – meaning that the barriers between this world and the other realms is less dense. It is the season of death, ghosts and the underworld. We can feel the connection to the world of spirit easily now. Samhain is a time for honouring the dead, our Ancestors and all those who have gone before.

Midnight Halloween Theme

Of course, the pagan Samhain is now so intertwined with the Americanised Halloween, and is also a real time to celebrate, get social and get into the party spirit! There are those that hate the commercialism of it all, but for me, it is a time when we are all celebrating together, pagans and muggles! (I use that term with endearment and respect, thank you to J.K Rowling for inventing that) The details in how we personalise it are less relevant than the fact that we can all celebrate something together.

Whether you take the kids out trick or treating, have a Halloween party, hold a personal or group witchy/pagan ceremony or ritual, or just spend time in quiet solitude, meditation and reflection, the fact we are all connected and honouring the season is what is important for me.

You can read much more about Samhain, its origins, correspondences and ways to celebrate it in my blog by clicking here.

Autumn Altar

At this time we naturally begin to turn inwards, like the animals that start to prepare for hibernation – the dark nights encourage us to look within, to work on our inner selves, to cosy up and spend nights around the fire, light candles, or get out the fairy lights (I am guilty of all of that, and own it unashamedly!) – whatever we have to hand to bring a feeling of warmth, connection and light into our lives and homes.

Many people begin to feel a sense of dread and melancholy at the thought of the dark nights and winter weather, but by bringing in that connection with the seasons, the wheel of the year, by honouring our connection with nature, and understanding that all things have a season, and that by immersing and surrendering to it, we give ourselves an opportunity for expansion and growth. Taking time to pause, to reflect, to honour those loved ones that have gone before, to ask for guidance and help from them, by bringing in a daily self-care ritual, however small, such as starting a journal, or gratitude list, a daily affirmation or meditation practice, can have hugely positive effects on wellbeing.

This is the gift of Autumn and Samhain, the opportunity to welcome the dark, and to grow.

The regular online rituals I have been running are a great way of connecting and creating a regular practice, and because they are every six weeks, it’s not too much to commit to. The Samhain one is actually on the 31st, so will be especially powerful! I would love for you to join us, to book on follow the link here.

Pumpkin With Candles

In Other News…

The last few weeks have, as always, been super busy for me. And so varied! I just love what I do. I have been doing lots of training, which always gladdens my heart – to be able to pass on my passion for holistic therapies and all that they can bring to enhance our health and wellbeing is so important to me, and so I am really excited to announce that I am taking on a lovely new tutor, moving AuroraStar Holistic Therapies & Training School to the next level – more details about her in next months newsletter.

In keeping with the season of Death and Transitions, I have held several face to face groups teaching my End of Life Skills course over the last few weeks, with one more training before the end of the year happening in November. This will be an online event, booked through Eventbrite, there are only 5 places left, if this resonates for you, you can book on through this link.

You can also find more details about my work as a Soul Midwife, and what the course entails on my website by clicking here.

Autumn Pumpkins

Death has been a feature of the last few weeks – it was my honour to walk with and support my friend and his wife, as his wife left this physical realm. I had the privilege of giving her treatments, holding space and performing the last rites for her – it was a truly humbling experience, and one that I will treasure.

I am continuing my own practice and learning by attending a Shamanic End of Life Psychopomp weekend with my friend Andrea of Fireside Lodge, which I know will only deepen my connection with Spirit and the Ancestors.

Day Of The Dead Themed Photo

Angelic Aurora, the business I co run with my partner in crime Simone, is holding a Death Café at the Bedford Spiritualist Church. The event is free, and is a safe open space to talk about anything and everything to do with death and dying. You can read more about what happens at a Death Café by clicking here, and see the event by clicking here.

Reiki training continues to be so popular, it is a deep honour to pass on the Reiki energy.  Now more than ever, the world needs healers, and I have held numerous Reiki training weekends, at all three levels. If you would like to be attuned to this beautiful and gentle healing modality, or find out more about it, please contact me, I still have places on the Reiki 1 and 2 weekends that are running in November, I’d love to hear from you.

Witch At Midnight

However you choose to celebrate, stay connected, to each other, yourself, and your Ancestors.

Samhain Blessings


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