2020 Workshops & Events

2020 is a really exciting year for AuroraStar, seeing the launch of AuroraStar Holistic Therapies & Training School in January, and the opening of the long awaited cabin by Spring of 2020, hopefully around Ostara, the Vernal Equinox –  which seems very appropriate for the time of year, with Imbolc, the time of planting the seeds of our hopes and dreams just behind us, and Ostara being the time of watching those seeds slowly emerge and grow! Having the dedicated space of the cabin will enable me to bring to you loads of new exciting courses, workshops, treatments and group work! I will be posting lots of updates and information here on this blog, and on my Facebook page and Instagram, so do keep checking in.

I will also be bringing in to my work more of the witchy magical element of myself!

With workshops and group work dedicated to honouring the seasons and cycles, healing the earth with intention, offering sound, drumming and Reiki healing groups, fire gazing, making magical healing tinctures, balms and potions as well as lots more End of Life practitioner work… my cauldron of Inspiration is positively overflowing!!


End of Life Skills Workshop

Date; 15th June 2020

I run small informal workshops aimed at anyone who may be caring for someone at the end of their lives – and that is ALL OF US!! Whether that be in a professional role or for a loved one, this course will give you the confidence to take back some control in what is a very difficult situation. This is a day filled with laughter, tears, the sharing of stories along with practical hands on skills and sign posting that will empower people to support and give gentle holistic care to someone who is at the end of their life so that they may have a peaceful death.

Each workshop is different, and evolves to what the people attending need to get from it. Some of the things we will cover on the day are;

  • Becoming comfortable talking about death and dying
  • Learning Comfort Touch Massage
  • Creating a peaceful and loving space around the bedside       
  • The stages of dying
  • signposting – practicalities and legalities

Cost; £65 per person. Day runs from 11am to 4pm approx.  Refreshments provided, please bring your own lunch. 

More details can be found on my Facebook Event ;    https://www.facebook.com/events/166199034797222/

Reiki Workshops

As well as a full calendar of Reiki training events happening this year, I have also created lots of exciting Reiki workshops, which I hope will enhance and expand your Reiki and energy practice.

Energy work takes many forms and as I have walked my holistic path I have been guided to include many different elements. None of which are needed, as we know, when we work with energy all we need is to be open hearted, work from a place of love and our intention, but all things are vibration, and we may be called to work with additional  items that will enhance our energy work. I offer these things because they have brought different and exciting elements to my Reiki and Energy work, because they resonate with my vibration. If they resonate with you I would love to have you join me on these experiential workshops. A certificate of attendance and CPD points will be provided, many of these workshops are not just for therapists, but open to everyone, however the Reiki workshops are only open to people who have been attuned to Reiki or some other energy modality.


Reiki 2 Refresher Workshop

All information regarding my Reiki 2 Refresher Workshop can be found on my Facebook event page; however, some dates to note down include:

Singing Bowls

This experiential workshop is open to anyone, and particularly suited to anyone working with people, or caring for someone. We very much tailor the content to who is there on the day and what they need to get from the course, every one of these energy days is different! It’s perfect if you are not familiar with healing practices such as Reiki, as it will help to put you in touch with your own innate intuition and guidance system – but is equally suitable for those who have studied other healing energy modalities, as there is always something new to learn!

  • Learning to feel our own and others energy
  • The Energy Ball
  • Using Crystals
  • Grounding and protection techniques
  • Breathing & relaxation techniques
  • Connecting with your inner voice and learning to interpret non verbal signals

Other workshops / events to look out for;

  • Making Tree & Flower Essences
  • Making Aura Sprays
  • Homemade Herbal Healers
  • Moon Meditation Group
  • Reiki Share Group
  • Using Reiki with Sound (drumming, singing bowls, tuning forks) – Date TBA
  • Using Dowsers & Pendulums with Reiki – Date TBA
  • Using Energy & Simple Healing Techniques  (Even if You Are Not Reiki Attuned) – Date TBA

Woman Holding Crystals

Connecting with Your Inner Wise Woman, & with the Seasons & Cycles in a Spiritual Way – Join me as we journey through the pagan year, connecting with the rhythms of the earth and its seasons. These informal meetings, groups and workshops will follow the 8 cyclical festivals of pagan calendar:

  • Samhain
  • Yule
  • Imbolc
  • Ostara
  • Beltane
  • Litha
  • Lughnasadh
  • Mabon

We will connect with the energies of the season, create rituals, medicines and healing balms using natures gifts. We will meditate and deepen our connection with ourselves, our intuition and one another – we will look at and honour the deities and goddesses associated with each one.  We will sit in circle, honour the Moon, and create our own meaningful rituals. These events are very much focused on the Divine Feminine, and RE connecting with our own inner wise woman, they will flow and evolve as the energies of the group and the year unfolds.

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