About AuroraStar

I created AuroraStar in 2008 with a desire to empower people and help them achieve harmony, health and well-being. After suffering from health issues, I sought to treat myself as naturally as possible, beginning my journey into a holistic approach to lifestyle wellness management. Reiki was my stepping stone, and continues to be the foundation and underpinning of all my holistic work. This led me to want to help others in the same way, providing them with the overwhelming benefits that a holistic lifestyle can bring. Having worked in the industry for a number of years now, I am fully qualified to NVQ level 3 , VTCT standard, insured, and registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists, and the Association of Professional Therapists and Lecturers

With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years in the health, beauty and fitness industry, I have an in-depth knowledge on the capability of the body and all it can accomplish if given the correct tools. So many health problems can be overcome or eased through holistic therapies, ensuring our quality of life is greatly enhanced. I am now trained in many different energy modalities and holistic therapies, and weave all of these into my work. Whether you are in need of simple relaxation or deeper healing, I offer a treatment that will suit any requirement, and training that will allow you to empower yourself to follow your own healing journey.

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Holistic is a choice. Holistic is a journey. Holistic is about ‘being whole’.

I work intuitively, nothing stays the same in our lives or in our bodies and so every treatment with me will be different, as I utilise all the skills and modalities that I’ve learnt over the years to give you a truly unique and personal healing experience based on what you need in that moment. I believe we all need to take responsibility for our own health and healing and so what I bring to the session to give to you are the tools that you need to empower yourself to allow that to take place. As I travel this path I am constantly evolving, and learning, there is always a new course to learn, write and teach!! I work with energy on many levels, and bring this into all aspects of my healing and training work. I have trained in many different modalities, and bring all of these into play when working with you, from herbalism, plant magic, to energy work, meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques, to working to retrieve your power animal Shamanically to strengthen you spiritually – all of these things are looked at when you come to me for healing.

In 2018 took my Level 3 Award in Adult Education & Training,  which enabled me to proudly be a tutor for Vitality Holistic Therapy Training . Through this, I gained an even deeper knowledge of my profession; constantly learning new and exciting holistic techniques. I love being a tutor as it enables me to pass on my passion for holistic therapies and all the skills I’ve acquired onto others.

2020 saw me launch AuroraStar Holistic Therapies & Training School, striking out independently from, but still having close links with, Vitality, to bring even more high quality holistic therapy training to the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and surrounding areas, taking on tutors that have the same high standard, and passion that I do. As well as training in a large range of holistic therapies I offer refresher days and mentoring sessions.

I am also director of The APTL – The Association of Professional Therapists and Lecturers. This is a professional organisation dedicated to providing support and motivation to therapists, practitioners and lecturers who are passionate about holistic health and wellbeing, from all walks of our industry, including those who work with energy and on the more spiritual realm – we aim to be inclusive to all, providing an interactive hub that is not motivated by money or status. Do please contact us for more information and to join.

All of my courses are insured by Wellbeing Insurance, which means you can obtain insurance to practice professionally.

AuroraStar Holistic Therapy & Training courses are accredited and validated by AHTT, and VHMBT, and endorsed by The APTL which means they meet the highest industry standards.

Exciting News for the AuroraStar Holistic Therapies & Training School

2020 was an exciting year for AuroraStar Holistic Therapies and Training School as we branched out and went into collaboration with other teachers within the industry who hold the same high standards and values that I am so proud of at AuroraStar, and so have two amazing, highly experienced, intuitive and all round lovely tutors who teach my courses. One right here in Bedford, and the other up in Yorkshire. Check out my holistic training page to see more details about this.

Soul Midwife – End of Life Skills Practitioner

I am also an End of Life Skills Practitioner, – a Soul Midwife (we go by many names, Death Doula, Doula for the Dying, Death Priestess, Death Walker etc.).  I provide holistic spiritual comfort and support to those who are dying, and their families, as well as training, to help people understand and reconnect with the ancient knowledge that we all have within us to be able to sit with our own loved ones and offer them support.  I was a Butterfly Volunteer (a companion for the dying) at The Lister Hospital in Stevanage, and I volunteered at Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes. Together with my friend, Simone Mcpherson, we have set up Angelic Aurora Gentle Complementary Therapies. Using our skills and knowledge of energy, therapies, working and vigiling with those at the end of life and with life limiting illnesses, we will go into homes of people that can’t get out to hospices, or who just wish to remain in their own homes and still want to have the enjoyable, relaxing and gentle experience that holistic therapies can bring for them. We believe in helping people have the gentle peaceful death that they want, at home, or wherever they wish it to be, and that the family and community can come together to make this happen.

Death and dying make people so afraid – because we don’t know what to do, how to behave, we are seeing more people shipped off to hospital to die, often alone. Hospital is not the place to die, people do not want that. Hospitals are in the business of helping to fix people, they are busy places, sterile, and not comforting. But we know that it can be a scary and daunting task to help someone die at home, and this is where we can help. Contact us for more details;  angelicaurora122@gmail.com

As an End of life Skills Trainer I run workshops that teach some of the ways in which we work as End of Life Practitioners, helping to empower people to support someone who is at the end of life by sharing some of the gentle and compassionate skills that we practice, as well as sign posting and helping to navigate the way through the red tape, holding a safe and gentle space for the sharing of our stories. This course is aimed at anyone who wants more knowledge, reclaiming and RE-membering these ancient skills that we all once were connected with. It is ideal to give you more confidence if working with those at the end of their lives, whether that is personally or professionally. I hold these workshops online or face to face.

I also am passionate about us having the conversations about death and dying with our families and loved ones well before we need to – one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself, and the deepest act of love for your family and friends, is to plan for your own end of life – it can be as simple as having a conversation about it, down to the full nitty gritty of advance decisions and funeral planning! To this end, I run “Death Cafes”, having these conversations over a cuppa and a slice of cake, and am really excited to say we have established a base for these at the Bedford Spiritualist Church, a really beautiful heart centered place that is befitting of these deep conversations. The people there are so kind, providing a gentle space where you can be really held safely. These events are totally free. We are recognising a real need in the community for people of all ages to come and talk about their experiences – death affects everyone, and there are now more young people experiencing death and grief first hand, so we are also holding a “Grief Cafe” specifically for young people aged 16 to 25 to come together to talk about and share their experiences together in a safe supported space (less “tea and cake”, more “snacks and fizz”!!). To find our more about these events and when they are run do check out my EventBrite page, and the Bedford Spiritualists Church page.

I am also planning a workshop where we can get together and start these plans – which are ongoing and evolving So watch this space for more info on that!!

Bedford Spiritualist Church

Green Witch Hedgerow Herbalist

I work with Mother Nature, plants, herbs, and the energies of the land to provide holistic healing, and to help reconnect people with the ancient wisdom that is inherent within us all. I provide magical and herbal healing remedies, workshops and hold seasonal women’s healing circles, not only face to face from my beautiful cabin, but also in the amazing and magical spaces of the Clophill Centre in Bedfordshire and the Hawthorn Grove in Northamptonshire, where we can accommodate more people.

I also still hold space virtually via zoom for the regular wheel of the year online ritual and meditation events.

I work within the folk medicine and Wise Woman tradition. I can provide mentorship and support to help empower you and guide you on your magical journey, and will use this knowledge and wisdom of the plants in my healing treatments.

I can also help you set up a “magical garden”  – that will contain herbs and plants that are healing and resonate with you, and teach you how to safely use them. For more details on this click here; Hedgerow Herbalist.

The Cabin

Elemental Celebrant

As part of my ongoing journey into knowing and growing myself, in 2020 I trained with the Sacred Celebrants Academy in Glastonbury, at the Goddess Temple on the Isle of Avalon, the heart chakra of the world and became an  Elemental Celebrant.

Holding space for ceremony and ritual in our busy 21st century world is ever more important, and is deeply healing.

Ceremony and ritual provide a way to connect, not only to others but to gain a better insight to our psyche, as well as offering deep healing and a safe, sacred space to just “be”. You do not need to be a Pagan or affiliated with any other religion to have an elemental ceremony. The only limit is your imagination!

Working closely with you I can create a meaningful ritual to mark important events along lifes colourful journey – baby naming, name changing, handfastings, vow renewals, letting go / rebirthing, eldering / croning / saging, passing over ceremonies (before a funeral and memorials), house and land blessings, new beginnings, divorce, Mother blessings and any other personal transitional rite of passage you can think of….using the 4 elements that make up the world and our bodies, air, fire, water and earth, with the celebrant at the centre holding the 5th element we work together to create something really magical and special, unique to only you.

Sam Sacred Celebrant
I also use these skills to hold womens healing circle events, as well as online ritual and meditation events, following the seasons and cycles of the Pagan wheel of the year.

All graduates of the Sacred Celebrants Academy pride themselves on being able to offer ceremony and ritual to all, and have worked closely with the LGBTQIA+ community, naming ceremonies in particular being really important.

The Rebel Witches Podcast and my Linktree

Being true to my Aquarian nature, I love trying new things and exploring and experimenting with not only all things spiritual but also technological. The Linktree is an amazing app that allows you to keep all of my offerings in one place (as long as I remember to update it!) – so if you ever lose a newsletter or event, you can find it here!

Part of honouring that aspect of me means being connected and working with like minded people, my soul tribe, and so I am co-creating a podcast with my dear friend Rebecca, who is also a witch and intuitive healer. You can listen to our witchy musings and ramblings in our podcast here, on Spotify and Anchor, we also have an Instagram page The Rebel Witches, so if you fancy a light-hearted half an hour learning about all things spiritual, witchy and a bit “woowoo”, do check us out!

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I believe we are always learning, and have much to learn and share with one another, no person is above another.

I believe in synchronisities and that the Universe will guide us to follow our Soul’s calling if we just listen and reconnect. If you have found yourself on this page then hopefully it means that we resonate on some level and you will be inspired to connect with me.

I send out a regular newsletter to coincide with the seasonal sabbats on the wheel of the year, so roughly every six weeks or so, which has all the things I’ve been up to and have planned, dates and links to join the online and face to face meditations, healing circles and ritual events as well as up and coming training courses, the occasional tarot reading, info on crystals, herblore, moon phases etc, I would love for you to sign up to it and join me in my musings.

Much love & blessings,

Sam Lacey xx

VTCT level3, AHTT, Award in Education and Training (AET) level 3, APTL, MFHT, Reiki Master & Teacher, End of Life Skills Practitioner – Soul Midwife, Hedgerow Herbalist, Elemental Celebrant.


Member of Federation of Holistic Therapists
Wellbeing Insurance
Soul Midwife

Minimising My Effect On The Environment

At AuroraStar, I only use environmentally friendly products in all treatments and therapies, mostly raw organic coconut oil, or organic sunflower or grapeseed oil in my body massages, with bespoke aromatherapy blends created just for you, using high quality essential and carrier oils.

I care deeply about the earth, its creatures and the environment, and as such, try to use vegan, ethical and sustainable products wherever possible. This includes working with small sustainable product providers and companies who have the same ethos as myself, using sarongs instead of towels and couch roll where possible, sustainable bamboo washable pads  instead of cotton wool pads, vegan soy wax candles, washable muslin face masks and of course, recycling at every opportunity.