Holistic Body Treatments

Holistic Body Treatments

Holistic Face Treatments

Holistic Face Treatments



Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes

Holistic End of Life Skills Practitioner – Soul Midwife – Death Priestess

Ensuring loving compassionate care in a time of great need.

Providing a non-medical holistic companion to guide and support a dying person and their families, the role of an end of life practitioner is to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death. Soul Midwifery is about taking some of that fear away, for the person who is dying and also for the families – being with someone in their final hours so they know that they are loved and are not alone. I also run one to one and small group workshops sharing some of these ancient life skills to give people confidence in supporting someone at the end of their lives, and to empower people to know that they are in control of how they die. The term Death Priestess refers to the fact we hold the space energetically for the person who is dying, helping them to transition as peacefully as possible.

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Holistic Healing and Guidance

A down to earth holistic approach to intuitive health and healing

At AuroraStar I provide a personal and unique service, based on a full consultation I will deliver a treatment based on what you need in that moment. The extensive list of therapies and treatments I provide at AuroraStar help promote relaxation, healing, health and balance for mind, body and spirit. As I move through this wonderful journey that is Life, I am ever evolving, and am integrating the more Earth Based Magical elements into the holistic therapies I offer, using much more intuitive energy work based on the vibrational frequencies that are needing to be brought into healing therapies at this time, whether that is plant essenses, sound healing, Reiki energy healing, crystal healing, breath work and meditative practices – all these elements are being brought into the physical body work that is holistic therapies, truly making them “holistic”.

Private Healthcare Insurance Claims

More and more these days complementary and holistic therapies are recognised as being vital for maintaining our health and well-being, with many companies covering the cost of your treatments. Because I am a member of the FHT, one of the largest professional bodies in the UK, if you have a private health care plan, medical insurance or healthcare cash plan, and come to me for a treatment, you should be able to claim the cost of that back. More information can be found on the FHT website, and through your insurance provider.



New for 2022 – loyalty & block booking schemes

Refer a friend and get £5 off your next treatment*!! (*once they have been)

Monthly treat package – book and pay for 1 treatment a month and save £5 (10%) off your appointment (minimum 3 months to be booked)

Block booking discount – pre-pay for 6 treatments and save 20%  – can be taken any time within a year.

Green Witch Hedgerow Herbalist

To that end I am working much more “out of the broom closet”, and am integrating more of my witchy self into my holistic offerings. We are magical energetic beings, and in this time of mass global awakening we need more healers, teachers, spiritual beings and those who are willing to stand up and be counted as working towards the greater good and collective healing of Mother Earth and one another. I am, as always, a work in progress, but I am striving to integrate these qualities into my offerings of training, therapies and healing. I have a dedicated Facebook page, Green Witch Hedgerow Herbalist which has a private Women’s Magical Development group connected to it. During these times, with the current restrictions in place, people have really missed that sense of connection, and so this platform is supporting many of our community members in positive and uplifting ways, with regular zoom meetings, rituals, and sharing of experiences and knowledge.  I also have a newsletter that you can subscribe to, so if you aren’t on Facebook I can still keep you in the loop and you can join in these events, which you can do on my Contact Me link below.

I am constantly updating and adding to my list of offerings –  see my blogs, or my Facebook pages, or subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date with these.  I really look forward to connecting with you.

Much Love



My Upcoming Events

I regularly host events such as meditations, rituals and workshops. To find a full list of upcoming events and book tickets, head over to my Eventbrite page!

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Aura Sprays / Space Clearing Spray / Liquid Smudge

Handcrafted by the Green Witch Hedgerow Herbalist, under the full or new moon, these aura sprays are made with magical intent, using spring water from the local sacred spring, infused with crystals, natural essential oils and flower essences, and activated with Universal Reiki Energy ,the Seed of Life symbol, and attuned to the frequencies of 528hz, the DNA repairing frequency of Universal Love, and the OM frequency, with the intention of lifting energy, clearing space and bringing love. Perfect for deepening your intuition, connecting with your inner wisdom and guidance. They balance chakras, clear negative energies, protect, ground and energise. Useful for dispersing energies in treatment / therapy rooms, before and after meditation etc. anywhere that you would traditionally smudge. Recommended for therapists or practitioners of any healing modality and for anyone prone to absorbing energies of others or their environment, perfect size for travel. Each batch is made small, and with the energies of that moon.

I can create a personal blend for you, using crystals and essential oils of your choosing, and at any moon phase.

£9 for a 30ml glass spray bottle (postage is extra)

Aura Sprays

Botanical Bath Salts

Hand blended in sacred space and with magical healing intent, these bath salts not only do your body good, but they are a delight for the senses too! – smelling and looking gorgeous. Epsom, Dead Sea and Himalayan natural salts are blended with carefully chosen organic botanicals and essential oils to create a healing bath time experience – perfect for cleansing before a moon ceremony or other personal ritual, but also just great to ease away the aches and pains!

Blends available so far (keep a look out for more blends coming!);

Imbolc / Welcoming the Spring Blend; a Divine blend to uplift and inspire. Botanicals of milky oats, to soften the skin and connect to the Goddess Brigid who we honour at this time, vanilla, to induce feelings of comfort and relaxation, orange zest to uplift and add zing, chamomile flowers for healing and mugwort to connect to feminine inner power, with essential oils of vanilla, fir needle to bring empowerment and connection to nature, tangerine for joy and ylang ylang to access divine feminine wisdom.

Bath Salts

Moon Blend; Botanicals of rose petals, mugwort, lavender and juniper berries, and essential oils Frankincense, rose, clary sage, jasmine and juniper – all chosen for their connection to the moon, protection, cleansing, emotional healing and psychic awareness correspondence.

Muscle Ease; a mix of fresh rosemary, orange, lemon, marjoram and black pepper, with essential oils of eucalyptus, black pepper, marjoram, cederwood and lavender.

Winter Spice; An uplifting, warming and relaxing blend. Zesty orange and lemon with traditional Yule spices of cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, bay, black peppers, star anise, pine needles, and essential oils of frankincense, pine, fir and ginger.

£11 for a 450g jar plus scoop & muslin bag to put them in (you should get 3 baths out of this) or £3.50 for a 15og muslin bag (just throw it in the bath!) (plus postage)

Gift Vouchers

I can post out gift vouchers in any denomination or time allowance, giving the person who receives them the choice of whatever they wish to have.

Aromatherapy Inhalers

These little tubes of aromatherapy magic are a brilliant way to bring the incredible healing properties of essential oils into your life whilst on the go. A personal blend of oils that you can take anywhere.. used when you have blocked sinuses or a cold, for emotional situations such has calming grief, or anxiety.. when you need a boost or uplifting scent, their uses are limitless and they last ages, and obviously made with the highest quality pure essential oils, no artificial chemicals or fragrances. They make great little gifts / stocking fillers.

£8 each (postage extra) – I am now using a much more eco and envionmentally sustainable option over the old style plastic, a stainless steel case with a refillable glass insert.

Sleep Gift Set

Reiki – Distant Healing

Reiki energy healing is the underpinning foundation of my work. Positive healing energy and intention flows through everything I do. As a holistic therapist I provide Reiki treatments and training face to face from my cabin – but I can also send Reiki healing distantly – remotely. This can be done in a couple of ways, “old school” style, where we schedule a time and we both sit down quietly at the alloted time, connecting my heart energy with yours and send the Reiki. Or via zoom link or Whatsapp video call. I can set up a healing crystal grid, and draw some Oracle cards that will have significance for you.

£20 for 30 minutes

Recorded Meditations / Visualisations

Personalised Guided Visualisation Meditations – I can pre record for you a guided visualisation meditation of your own choosing, whether that is for healing, sleep, relaxation, focus, breath work, etc. in a setting of your choice, for example, a woodland walk, a beach, a simple breathing exercise, grounding, centering, protection. – contact me and we can discuss your requirements. I can also do this as a gift that you can send to someone else.

Price; £6, emailed in mp4 format

Space Clearing/Cleansing Wands – Blessing Bundles – Saining Sticks – Recaning Rods

The use of herbs to clear energy and spaces is ancient. Herbs not only carry cleansing and protective energy, they are also antibacterial and antifungal – our ancestors knew a thing or two about keeping healthy! As with all my offerings, everything I make is handcrafted with magical intention and infused with healing energy. These smudging sticks are made with herbs from my own magical garden, mugwort, lavender, sage, rosemary, lemon balm, chocolate mint and thyme, they not only smell gorgeous, but look really pretty too!

£3 per stick (plus postage)

Smudge Sticks

Sacred Elemental Celebrant

As well as being one of the most challenging years for people, individually and globally … not one of us have remained untouched by events of that year, for me personally it was also one of tremendous growth.

Collaborating with likeminded people, not only did I spread the wings of my training school and take on tutors, begin a YouTube channel, shifting a lot of my work to the online platform, create a Women’s Magical Development group, but I also fulfilled a dream I’ve been manifesting for a few years now, and that was to do my celebrants training with the world famous SCA Sacred Celebrants Academy on the magical Isle of Avalon in Glastonbury.

In these times of disconnection, and fear, staying connected with one another, and the land, nature, Mother Earth… creating rich meaningful ceremony with one another to mark life poignant events is needed now more than ever.

There are many different types of training for this work, but I chose the SCA in Glastonbury not just because of its ancient spiritual sacred connections, but because of the way in which they train… although I follow the pagan path, the ceremonies can be non-religious, we can work with people of all religions and none, we use the 4 elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth that make up our environment, and our bodies, to weave a bespoke unscripted magical ceremony for you…for what events?…well the only limit is your imagination.

For more details on the individual ceremonies and how I can craft something personal for you see my new page or my Facebook page. There is a lack of photos of course, because of this last year and its restrictions. But I hope that we will be able to rectify that this year.

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