Course Information

  • Investment: £125 per person. Comprehensive manual and certificate provided.
  • Face To Face Group: Day runs from 11am to 4pm approx. Refreshments provided, please bring your own lunch.
  • Online: Via Zoom, from 11am to 3pm approx with regular comfort breaks.

I run small informal workshops aimed at anyone who may be caring for someone at the end of their lives – and that is ALL OF US!! Whether that be in a professional role or for a loved one, this course will give you the confidence to take back some control in what is a very difficult situation. These are emotive days, filled with laughter, tears, the sharing of stories along with practical hands on skills and sign posting that will empower people to support and give gentle holistic care to someone who is at the end of their life so that they may have a peaceful death.

Each workshop is different, and evolves to what the people attending need to get from it, but always the feedback that I have had from people is positive, and they always leave feeling more able to cope with what they may encounter. Some of the things we will cover on the day are;

– Becoming comfortable talking about death and dying
– Learning Comfort Touch Massage
– Creating a peaceful and loving space around the bedside
– Deep listening skills
– The stages of dying
– Signposting – practicalities and legalities
– The importance of advanced care planning
– An explanation of the drugs used at end of life

I am also now running this course online via zoom, and it works really well! As with all my workshops, the group is small, 4 to 8 people. I send out detailed comprehensive manuals and resources beforehand by post, and you will receive the certificate of attendance afterwards, which is insurable (by Balens Insurers) under the title of “End of Life Mentor” and validated by the APTL.

The online day is not quite as long as the face to face, we finish around 3pm, with breaks throughout the day, as being on zoom for that length of time is quite fatiguing.

I can also run this as a 1 to 1, or small individual group, if you require a more personal approach or need to get these skills in as a matter of urgency. It takes about 2 – 3 hours, with the emphasis on what you need to get from it.

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